Welford Pocket Park

Welford Pocket Park (PP) is an important village amenity for the enjoyment of villagers and visitors. It provides not only a pleasant and relaxing green space but also a welcoming green entrance at the north end of the village. It is a crescent-shaped half acre of ground on the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire border leased by Welford Parish Council (WPC) from West Northamptonshire Unitary Council and is maintained by a volunteer group, the Friends of Welford Pocket Park (FWPP), with the active support of WPC.

The Pocket Park was created around the Millennium with a Grand Opening in March 2000.

The initial planting consisted of trees, a grove of silver birch together with ash, rowan, cherry and maple throughout the park, bulbs, bird boxes, and the initial roadside perimeter hedge.

A pond was dug which has been progressively colonised by a variety of wildlife including rare great crested newts.

The Park has evolved over time but has retained the ethos of being a valued village amenity contributing to biodiversity as well as providing a pleasant environment. There is an emphasis on encouraging native plant species and it now exists as a semi-wild environment to widen the biodiversity through the presence of flora, fauna, and the pond. A range of birds, other wildlife and plants can be observed through the seasons.

In recent years PP has received an amount of refurbishment through the support of WPC, the now defunct Daventry District Council, and other external organisations. The hedge has been laid; the pond cleaned (with massive help from the Froglife charity); the internal path re-surfaced (with a major material donation from GRS); the seats and benches cleaned and repainted; and a new notice board installed.

The next major works are firstly to replace soil washed away by the flood earlier in 2021 and to plant a new hedge along the roadside at the north end of the Park, and secondly to carry out necessary maintenance of the trees throughout the Park.

Crucially, alongside the development and refurbishment of the infrastructure, is all the necessary maintenance of the groundwork. This is undertaken by a small group of volunteers, the FWPP, who meet regularly through the growing season to manage, as best they can, the invasive plants, the hedges, and the general 'look' of the Park. We are always looking to welcome new faces to the dwindling and ageing numbers.

September 2021

Bob Esling

FWPP Chair

07791 645 462