Speed Indication Device (SID) and Police speed detection

You will have seen the Speed Indicator Device (SID) around the village. It gives you a speed and smiley or angry face depending on your speed at that location. The device also stores speed data to build a picture as to the speed of vehicles passing by it - it does not store vehicle information and therefore does not lead to any prosecutions but is there to promote road safety. If you click on the years below you will see data gathered.

SID was purchased with funds from the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner and is maintained and positioned by the Parish Council and the Welford Action Group (WAG).






To view a map of locations where mobile enforcement camera vans are deployed, a map can be viewed on the Northamptonshire Police website here

Information from the Safety Camera van which is parked in Northampton Road is available in an Excel spreadsheet. This shows all vehicles caught speeding since 2018
For information about speeding offending across Northamptonshire visit the FOI page of the Northamptonshire Police Safety Camera team here